We are offering products selected products for DAS systems manufactured by our partners in Denmark and China as well as special products made in our factory in Denmark. If required we are able support customers with installation and test services.

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Rugged on and off shore antennas

Design and series production of o
pen dipol stainless steel antennas for
severe environmental conditions for sites on the shore as well as off shore


IKM is offering a variaty of antennas for security applications as Emergency Services, Police Forces. The products range from camouflage and whip antennas  for mobile applications, to yagi and the stacked open dipole systems for highest reliability and use severe environments.

 Open Dipol FM Broadcast antenna system

FM South Sudan

Site surrvey, delivery and installation support by our project engineers.

IKM is offering a open dipole antennas for small and medium power FM Broadcast DAB applications up to 10kW including feeder lines and if needed installation services also in overseas.

Site surrvey and antenna soultions for 2-way communcation networks. Antenna solutions form rugged antennas for base stations in severe environment, hidden antennas for security services.