30 years experience

delivering technical solutions

around the globe.

About us

VHF Teknik a brand of IKM Communication ApS

About Us

Within the word communication lies a mutuality.


Not only is our technical solutions built to uphold this, but at IKM Communication we also strive to uphold the highest standard of mutuality when interacting with our business partners. We want to establish and maintain a partnership with our business partners throughout their projects.


It is our highest priority that our partners as well as we achieve the optimal solution to all projects that we are involved in.


Many of the technical products and solutions from IKM Communication are carefully sought out and thoroughly built to suit the exact specifications required for each project. It is constantly our aim to establish the same feeling within our collaboration with our partners by communicating and consulting in a tailor made manner.


The prime area of expertise of IKM Communication is the construction of systems and using our knowhow in this process. Not only by using our own products but also by incorporating third party products from our external business partners.


Our in house specialists are doing their best to meet and honor every requirement in order to ensure a sensation of genuine trustworthiness towards IKM Communication and our partners.


To us, communication and partnership is all about mutuality.